A1 - Empiyah
A2 - Founder
B1 - Phob

Massively hyped up with the big dubstep heads, this long awaited twelve from Berlin's MG77 crew is their most upfront Dubstep emission to date and judging by initial reaction looks set to be their most sought-after twelve so far. "Empiyah" opens the set with the obligatory colossal bass rumble - and what with label connections to Berlin's mighty Dubplates and Mastering you can rest safe in the knowledge that it's been mastered and cut to perfection. Rave sequences come in and out of the mix, vocal edits do their thing - but it's really that immense bassline that dominates proceedings from start to finish. "Founder" is up next and carries on the theme - the bass a bit more wobbly and fluid, the stabs more focused - but the dominating dub structure keeps to the script - and is all the better for it. "Phob" dominates the entire flipside and is a different beast alltogether - much more dubstep, much less dub, dropping at all the right spots and keeping things the right side of dark at all times. Killer twelve!

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