01. DJ Wonder feat. Kano
What Have You Done?
02. - DJ Maxximus feat. MC Soom-T
Reason (Vocal Version)
03. Jon E Cash - War
04. Graveyard Crew feat Mic-Man
Back 2 Da Shift
05. DJ Maxximus feat. D Double E, Monkstar
Trust Me!
06. DJ Maxximus feat. MC Soom-T
Trust Me!
07. Jon E Cash - Bang Bang Bang
08. Geeneus vs Wizzbit - Jamnite
09. DJ Ghostfader - Chop U Up
10. DJ Narrows - Saved Soul
11. DJ Oddz - Walk In The Park
12. Jon E Cash - Invasion
13. DJ Maxximus - Subblower
14. Hindzy D - Target
15. DJ Oddz - Bump Dis
16. DJ Ghostfader - Hit Titan
17. Benga - Skank
18. EDMX - Ragga Clash
19. Something J - Ignore Riddim
20. Roots Manuva - Witness Dub
21. Subspecies - Phreak
22. DJ Maxximus - Mad Now
23. Milanese - Peggy Flynn Rmx
24. DJ Maxximus - RMS
25. DJ Maxximus - Destiny
26. Something J - Destiny
27. Lady Sovereign - Ch Ching
28. Lady Sovereign - Look Before U Leap
29. Troubleshooters feat. Jak-Man, Jakey,
- Life We Leed
30. DJ Maxximus feat. Kaizo - Respect
31. MC Soom-T - Can You Hear Us?

Influenced by early Hardcore and Drum’n’bass in ‘91, Dj Maxximus aka Din-St has been producing bass music for 10 years, remixing NWA for Kid606, producing Peaches and dropping the first grimy hip hop album on Digital Hardcore. He was also part of Fever (with Paul P.M./Puppetmastaz), Robotnics Crossing (german-japanese punk band from ‘96), Firewire (with Carl from Atari Teenage Riot) & Eradicator (hardcore project with Patric Catani, now Candi Hank/Puppetmastaz) and had releases with label like Tresor, Ambush and Schematic, Infected by Uk-garage sound in 2000, Dj Maxximus started with his mate Something J to produce their own variation of 2-step /garage and ended up getting a deal on Warp records in 2001 with “Mercedes Bentley vs Versace Armani”. He stayed for a year in London’s Hackney area and created music with ultra-low twisted basslines during the rise of what would become later Grime. Back in Berlin with this new sound, he started playing with artists like Dizzee Rascal, TTC, Mark One, D Double E, Team Shadetek, The Bug and Soom-T and released a first e.p. “Trust me” for Mental Groove. “Bass the world” is a sick mixtape - an introduction to the sound of MG77, with exclusive tracks from artists like Ed Dmx, Milanese, Subspecies (Aka The Bug), Dj Ghostfader, Something J and Soom-T, and also classic tunes from artists like Wonder, Kano, Jon E Cash, Odds, Wizzbit, Lady Sovereign, Benga and Roots Manuva. In total 31 tracks, mixed and selected by the man Maxximus – heavy all the way!

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