All about Breakcore. It all started in 1992 in Berlin-Frohnau as a digital soundstorm and it ends as another boring old f*rt in french tv magazins and austrian documentaries: A big majority of today's breakcore artists present theirselves as the "idiotic neo smurf punks of Y2K+". No innovation, no creativity, no fresh ideas. nothing is left. Only a very few producers try to move forward. but their stuff is less and less compatible with the current breakcore formula [if you don't know - the breakcore manifesto for 2007 says: "Give the people what the people expect!"]. And – that's the bloody truth – those very few guys which are still trying to surprise the listeners aren't breakcore anymore: With avantgardistic sounding productions they are already the opposite of breakcore – a very small minority between all those breakcore business ravers, and teenage turtle fashion mutants. I accept the truth: It's over. That's a bit sad but definitely true. The death of breakcore doesn't came too surprisingly: Please don't laugh about me... I know it didn't came overnight, and it didn't came today. Founded kool.POP recordings. Co-founded DHR. Released on Warp, kool.POP and MG77, among others. Remixed a few. produces "Hallucinations of existing misunderstood rules." Is a member of the BASSTHEWORLD crew. | booking: info [at]