Grown up in a suburb of Hamburg, Phokus first learned to play drums and played in different Punk bands before he started with DJing and producing. When his family bought their first computer he immediately started experimenting audio software and doing his first steps in electronic music production. Soon he started producing beat and bass heavy tunes and became very interested in Jungle and Drum & Bass. This is when he started buying records and DJing. In 2001 his last band broke up and he completely focused on producing electronic music, mainly Drum & Bass but also Garage, Breakbeat and Triphop. At that time he moved to the centre of Hamburg and linked up with the local Drum & Bass scene. This was when Drum & Bass became a lot harder and hadn’t much to do anymore with the Jungle sound he liked and started with. As a result, his stake in it started to decrease. In 2004 Phokus heard for the first time some Grime and Dubstep tunes as he was listening to an internet radio show and immediately got taken by the same feeling he had listening to jungle for the first time. From that moment he was infected by that sound and started producing his own sound deeply influenced by these genres. In 2005 he met DJ Maxximus at golden pudel klub in Hamburg and gave him some of his tunes: in 2007 he dropped his first 12’’ on MG77 Recordings titled “Dem All Shot/Danger” featuring Tinchy Stryder and Dirty Danger (Ruff Squad). Phokus is also a member of the BassTheWorld DJ team and has been playing in Amsterdam as well as Germany (Hamburg, Leipzig, Bremen, Dresden, Köln and Berlin) alongside people like Kode9, Mala, Coki, Hijak, Rusko, Milanese, MC Ears, Tes La Rock and more… He has been working with The Next, Mr Boogie and made remixes for Spillsbury and Jazzsteppa (“Five” remix coming out soon on MG77 Recordings). | booking: info [at]