Milanese is sharp and dangerous... If you turn your back on this one he'll rip your spine out and turn it into a hyper processed neu rave tune. A Londoner born and bred, now based in Birmingham, Milanese is an incredible young producer. He made his debut in September 2004 with mini LP "1Up", it takes a turn for the grimier side and 12" release called 'VanillaMonkey' on Warp's dance offshoot 12" imprint, Arcola Records. 1 Up will be a phrase familiar to old school video game players, Milanese describes the sounds as "jungle / garage / ragga / house / techno. Mashed up robot music, basically like a computer game gone horribly wrong that is trying to eat you." But this does not do justice to the fierce, raw aggression of his rumbling beats, the sinister emotional tone and sophisticated panache of his production. While Milanese is a proficient multi-instrumentalist, in particular as a pianist (with 13 years of classical study notched up), his true forte appears to be "fusing elements of sonic-art music with mad beats and serious bass". Milanese has been tearing up dancefloors and causing serious ear damage whenever he performs live. A DJ fixture at techno squatter parties in the 90s, Milanese spent his time at university studying electronic music (this may have simply constituted a lot of raving) and also busies himself actually making new and bizarre instruments. A man of many talents, indeed. | | booking: paul [at]