DJ Maxximus is, by far, bass to the maxx. Also going by many anonymous other names , known as DIN-ST, he is a world renowned, multi-talented, skilled artist/musician who endures high recognition and respect as a producer, remixer, DJ, Label owner, and promoter. His early on influence were derived from hip-hop, skate-punk, as well as digital hardcore. Himself dropped his first release in 1996 as DIN-ST on the Berlin underground label Midi War. He then collaborated on a hip-hop/grime project called Fever with Paul P.M. of the Puppetmastaz, resulting in several releases on Digital Hardcore Recordings. Under his DIN-ST moniker, he has released numerous 12" Vinyl´s and LPs on labels such as Tresor, L'Age D'or, Schematic, and Mental Groove Records. From then on, his music took a new direction after being introduced to UK Garage by DJ Scud, on his label, Ambush, in 1998 he released his first 12" -"In the Case of..." In 2001 came his breakthrough with the 2-step/garage hit"Mercedes Bentley vs Versace Armani" together with Something J, which was picked up by the seminal Warp label. With his seething, bass-heavy productions, he then became one of the early instigators of grime in the UK and German music scene. In addition, he has used his extensive expertise for the past eight years as a cutting & mastering engineer at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. The mastermind behind the Berlin-based label MG77 Recordings, DJ Maxximus focuses on manifesting bass music at its nastiest with deliberate, driving rhythms, and a thick, monster sound. He worked with artists such as Soom-T, D Double E , RUSKO. The "Bass the World" CD compilation is the perfect showcase in capturing the essence of the label's grinding aesthetic. In addition he has done some solid productions and remixes for Tocotronic , Soom-T, Peaches, Taylor Savvy, Fever, Whatever, Hey O Hansen, NWA , D Double E, Tinchy Stryder and Stephen Eicher among many others. Check out his latest remix for BoysNoize "The Battery" on BoysNoize Records. DJ Maxximus has engaged his mega-style assault on dance floors across the world both live and as a DJ. He quickly became a notorious figure in the underground circuit with gigs in Japan, U.S.A. , Israel, and Europe. Himself launched his own "BASSTHEWORLD" rave concept in 2005. Being the first to bring Skream over to Germany. And through these parties he is substantially responsible for opening up the German scene to the pounding sub-vibrations of some of the most respected influential Grime / Dubstep artists worldwide. Artists including: Kode9 (HyperDub), Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC Radio1), Rusko (Tempa/DubPolice), Spaceape (HyperDub), Mala & Pokes (DMZ), Darkstar (HyperDub,MG77), Shakleton (Skull Disco) , Vex´d (Planet Mu) Phokus (MG77), Wadadda (MG77), MackJiggah (Kool.Pop), Kromestar (Deep Medi ), Skream and Coki (DMZ). | | booking: info [at]