Darkstar was set up two years ago as an outlet for James and Aiden’s production work. Noted for their unique production style Darkstar combine rich textures, musical bliss and heavy basslines to great effect. Already recognized within the dubstep scene as innovators Darkstar have managed to secure a deal with Cargo records, and start their own label 2010 records. With successful releases on Berlins MG77 and Brighton’s Clandestine Cultivations behind them Darkstar have just achieved a massive boost by signing a single deal with the infamous Hyperdub records home to some of the most popular artists within the genre Burial and Kode 9. Darkstar have travelled the UK and Europe Djing with acts including Digital Mystikz, JME, Plastician, The Bug and many more. With dates scheduled for the coming months and the impending single release from Hyperdub, Darkstar hopes for a good year and is looking fwd to their next MG77 Recordings release in 2008. | booking: info [at]